Doesn't need to be pretty, just functional.
Need a long black dress with long sleeves. Want to make a Witch's costume for my Church's festival this next weekend. I'm 5' 4" tall.
I am using egg shells to sprout seedlings. It is the kind you purchase 2 & 1/2 dozen eggs in.
I Need A Microwave Desperately
I have a software program that I want to install on my PC but the installation disc is a mini disc. I need a mini disc player that can be hooked up to play on my PC to make the installation.
my class really wants a class pet! If you have a guinea pig you are looking to regime I d be happy to take it. Thanks
Need baby crib for granddaughter
Looking for a kombucha scoby and keifer grains of you have some to spare. Thanks!
I need something where yard waste can be burned. One end of a steel drum came to mind. Anything with similar capacity would be fine.
I m looking for new houseplants, pots, plant starts, and a plan stand. I m trying to make our new house home-y and keep the air clean inside as we move into winter. I d be happy to take plants that need some tic as well!
12-Oct-2018Franklin, TN+17 milesItems Wanted
Several projects for the farm and lumber and plywood/particle board is needed.
12-Oct-2018Franklin, TN+17 milesItems Wanted
Doesn't have to be fancy, just a working one. Thank you
12-Oct-2018Franklin, TN+17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a stroller (not umbrella) to use to take our geriatric dog on walks since he can t walk anymore.
Soft Pin cushion kind. I'm making costumes for girl teen. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TEXT (615) 364-5704
11-Oct-2018Smyrna, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Doesn't have to be fancy, just a working one. Thank you
11-Oct-2018Smyrna, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Need a dryer on a fixed income the one I have I have to run 4 times to dry clothes and it s making electric bill higher
Got a pair of overalls and a/or a flannel shirt destined for the trash? Size and condition not critical. Give it one more, NOBLE use! Will be transformed into a wonderful scarecrow for Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving! Will text you a picture when complete.
Any kind will do
Several Area rugs needed for boys bedroom. Floor is bare where linoleum was taken up. Some stains ok, can spot clean. Thank you!
Desperately need bed frame for queen or twin bed. Thank you
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